Elevate Your Experience with Breeze Plus Blueberry Mint Disposable Vape

Elevate Your Experience with Breeze Plus Blueberry Mint Disposable Vape

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The Breeze Plus Blueberry Mint Series offers mouthwatering flavors that are perfect for anyone transitioning from traditional smoking to vaping. Featuring a 5% salt nicotine and a sleek, portable device that lasts up to 800 puffs, these disposables are sure to please.

Choose from a variety of flavors including dessert, cream, and fruity tastes. Some of the most popular options include Peach Soda: Sparkling cola flavors with sweet peaches; Pineapple Lemon: Tangy pineapples lifted by zesty citrus flavors; and Strawberry Kiwi: Fruity fusion of luscious strawberries and kiwis.

Breeze Plus Zero Nicotine

The Breeze Plus Series is a line of simple, yet powerful disposable vaping devices. Available in 17 slick flavors, the Breeze Plus range is an ideal option for first-time vapers or former smokers looking for a convenient and hassle-free transition into vaping. The Breeze Plus Series features a long-lasting 1000mAh battery, 6ml of E-Liquid, and 5% salt nicotine for a satisfying and flavorful experience.

Blueberry Mint combines the irresistible taste of juicy sweet blueberries and an invigorating blast of mint. This delightful fusion transports you to a summer garden and refreshes your senses with every inhalation.

This flavor is 0mg (0% Nicotine) and is designed for those who wish to eliminate their nicotine consumption or are gradually reducing it. Please note, the Breeze Plus Series devices are only for use with nicotine-based e-liquids and should not be used with CBD or THC oils. If you choose to use this device with non-nicotine e-liquids, it may cause damage to the device and will invalidate the warranty.

Breeze Plus Series

The Breeze Plus Series is a range of disposable vaporizers that deliver advanced features and convenience. They’re the ideal choice for novice vapers, former smokers, and anyone looking for a simple and easy-to-use device. These disposable vaporizers are pre-filled with 3.5ml of e-liquid and come in a variety of flavors to suit any taste preference.

This flavour has a perfect balance of sweet and tart, delivering a refreshing and satisfying experience. It is a great option for those that like fruity and minty flavours.

This device has a powerful 650mAh battery and can provide up to 800 puffs before needing to be recharged. It has a 0mg nicotine strength, making it suitable for those who are seeking a smoke-free experience. It also has a draw activated firing mechanism, making it intuitive and effortless to use. Its streamlined design and reliable battery performance make the Breeze Plus Series one of the most popular choices for portable vaporizers.

Breeze Plus Zero Blueberry Mint

The Breeze Plus series by Breeze is a line of disposable vaping devices that offer satisfying zero-nicotine vaping sessions. These devices are pre-filled with 5% nicotine salt e-liquid and feature a 650mAh battery that provides up to 800 puffs. They also come in a variety of flavors, making them an excellent choice for ex-smokers looking to replace their traditional tobacco smoking habits.

The Blueberry Mint flavor is a mouthwatering combination of sweet blueberries and minty freshness. This refreshing flavor is icy and crisp, like a spring day.

The Breeze Plus Zero Nicotine is one of the most popular pod vaporizers in the industry. Its 3.5ml e-liquid capacity, manufacturing capability of up to 800 puffs, and a rechargeable battery make it an ideal option for former smokers who are looking for an alternative to their tobacco smoking habit. It also comes in a range of fruity and beverage-inspired flavors, including Anejo, Banana Mint, and Strawberry Iced Tea.

Product Description

Experience a heavenly fusion of refreshing blueberries and invigorating mint for a rejuvenating vaping sensation that’s sure to revive the soul.

Explore a world of captivating flavors with the Breeze Plus ZERO Nicotine disposable vape, one of the top-selling pod devices in the industry. Enjoy a wide range of fruity, minty, and tobacco-infused flavors with the 3.5mL tank that lasts up to 800 puffs and the advanced premium mesh coil that enhances the flavor.

Whether you’re craving the tropical paradise of Strawberry Kiwi, the refined Italian dessert-inspired taste of Tiramisu, or the smooth and rich feel of Tobacco, the Breeze Plus is ready to satisfy any vaping palate with 17 slick and enticing flavors including Banana Mint, Strawberry Raspberry Kiwi, Lush Ice, and Vanilla Tobacco. Experience a new delight with each inhale as you unwind with the soothing and revitalizing experience that only Breeze Plus can deliver.

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