Car Key Making in Miami FL

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A car key is a lock-and-key mechanism that opens the vehicle’s ignition and door. Modern keys are designed to make theft harder and can be programmed with a chip in the head of the key to deter thieves.

The type of key you need is determined by your year, make, and model. AutoZone has the parts and expertise to create a new key blank for most makes and models.

How It Works

Car Key Making is an art, and one that requires specialist software, hardware, and training. It’s also an expensive business, and the specialized tools can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The basic idea is to clone or program a key to its corresponding transponder chip to unlock your vehicle and start it. This may be done by a locksmith using special equipment, or if your vehicle uses onboard computer programming, it can be done yourself with a little research and a lot of patience.

The most important part of this process is identifying the best method for your specific situation. Generally, the most successful solution is the one that has the lowest chance of damaging your vehicle’s security system and makes it easy for you to get back on the road. This is why it’s a good idea to call your local specialised car locksmith when you need a new key. They can help you identify the right key and show you how to make it work for you.


If you’ve ever lost a car key, you know that it can be a hassle. That’s why it’s always important to have a spare in the back of your car.

Today’s car keys are a lot different from the old metal ones you used to find in your grandparents’ or parents’ cars. They’re equipped with transponder chips that communicate with your car via digital code.

The chip keys are a lot more difficult to duplicate than the old metal ones. That’s why a lot of modern car manufacturers are turning to these kinds of keys for their new vehicles.

These types of keys are also a lot more expensive than regular keys because they require specialized cutting equipment. They’re commonly found in luxury vehicles and are a lot more secure.


When you need to make a new key, you have to have the right tools. Car key making tools are available at most hardware stores and auto parts dealers.

Some of these tools are designed for specific keyways. Other tools, like a key cutting adapter or a belt sander, are useful for miscellaneous keys.

Many car keys today are high-security. These require additional equipment and sometimes new machines.

These include Tibbe keys, barrel or dimple keys, and even keys with little cuts running down the middle of the key.

A good auto locksmith must be able to cut all of these types of keys. That is a skill that takes practice and time.

If you are a professional auto locksmith, you need a tool that can work for a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. A good key programming machine should be able to support a range of vehicles, including cars from America, Asia, Europe, and Malaysia.


Car Key Making in Miami FL involves a number of safety measures. This includes ensuring that the vehicle is stable and free of hazards, such as loose fuses and wiring harnesses.

The most important is to avoid getting your hands on anything that could cause an electrical shock, which can damage fuses or wiring and cause the engine to malfunction. Likewise, never work underneath a vehicle that’s not supported properly.

Most modern car keys use an electronic transponder chip as a security feature. This enables the key to transmit a coded signal that will allow the ignition to function.

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